Tuesday, February 24

Cold Flu feverish achoooo~

Hi all.

I'm just from the Oscar's (???..wait, let me finish the sentence..) long weekend.

I hate having a feverish cold flu where I had to stay in bed all day after being fed with Piritons and antibiotics. I swear I looked like the guy on the above picture attach, with swollen nose results from constant tissue-rubbing to comprehend with the phlegm.

Now that my flu slowly disappear, I am having sore throats and coughs; a perfectly normal sign for ending a cold fever.

I went to see the doctor in nearby clinic on Sunday. The clinic there in which I prefer to be anonymous, looking quite shabby and old but that clinic have serves that area for a long time since before the major construction and upgrades.

First, the place doesn't have any documentation control and management whatsoever. It takes her quite a while to locate my family's record as I am registered there and it is their smart thinking of compiling family records together.

Since it is disappear; I registered as a new patient and went inside to see the doctor. The doctor asked a lot of Qs, since he haven't have my personal records and suggest me to take a flu jab.

I am not afraid of the needles... ouch!!

After a few physical examinations, he gave me these weird pink+maroon capsules antibiotics and Piritons instead after I refused to have a jab because I am afraid it contains something that I am allergic of and since they do not have my medical history, I rather not to.

The only good thing is, I got an MC for Monday.

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