Monday, February 16

Floor Loading + Interior Designing = pretty crazy math equation.

Just a quick note;

1. Spending money is a lot more faster than blinking retarded eyes. It is shocking to know that we have spent hundred of dollars in one day more than we spend for the whole weekdays.

2. I am now in my multi-task mode; where in addition to many other talents discovered are I am now an interior designer. It is tiring to flipping pages after pages of many shocking colors and design.

3. I missed my cousins, one of them Kak Nadia is now a proud mother of a cute little baby girl. I will make time sometime this week to visit.

4. Now that I am occupied with my job assignments, it will be less blogging time. Which is sad.

5. Read about Datuk Siti's lost. Condolences and Al-Fatihah..

6. I am ready for a vacation and a shopping therapy. Sadly, all that InsyaAllah will be happen in May. Urgh.. another months to go..

7. Happy to see some positive progress done around. So now what about the raise you have been talking about, Sir? hehe

8. Need to get back to 'interior designing' task of mine.

Live your days fully.

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