Saturday, March 21

Sazalina & Faizal Wedding

20th March, 2009

Friday; 8.00pm

1. We have been waiting for Mazlly and Mike as we have promised to car pool to Raub. They arrived later that evening as Mazlly and Mike were having some difficulties to communicate earlier and they have been waiting on each other arrival in a mere 100 meter distance.

2. We decided to have our dinner first at this humble place near an apartment close by. They served nasi goreng daging; a signature dish that have a thumbs up from us. Definitely will be coming back for more.

3. A smooth journey to Raub; that only take 2 hours or less and Faizal (Usop) have a courtesy to provide us a place to stay that night. Met Syuk there; he and Pyar arrived earlier that day and we all spent the night warming the comforter. (have to get up early for the next day.)

Boys berinai and catching up gossip sessions. And they say we're the nosy one!

21st March, 2009.

Go Charlotte, Its your birthday..
(its my birthday and I hate stealing other people's thunder, so I laid low..)

1. Get up early, had an early shower and packing up our stuff along to make way for Usop's family to have thier rest and refresh for the Nikah ceremony.

Bride having her groom time.

Aint she lovely?

2. 10.00pm at Surau Raub Taman Jaya 3, witness the join of 2 families and realizing love to be settled beautifully. We accept one of the bride's neighbour invitations to refresh and relax before the bersanding.

They are now husband and wife.

Me, Syuk and sleeping beauty at Ina's neighbour's.

3. After having the bride and groom ready; they have thier makan beradab first then bersanding. It was a lovely day; and guest have started packing up the places and we again stranded everywhere to give space to thier families to mingle with them.

4. After saying goodbye to thier family, we head back home around 5-ish.

To Sazalina and Usop,

Congratulations and may you two lead a happy and blissful life!!

p/s: more pictures on thier way..


KeMatZ said...

selamat pengantin baru...

LeenA said...

besh je kan tgk org kawen..nk sanding lagi ar..gmbr sanding xder ke???

Jasfyra said...

selamat pengantin baru kepada mempelai

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

ade.. tunggu ye nanti upload.