Wednesday, February 9

Tired with motivation

If I need to measure the sustainability of my mind strength and endurance for the past 16 months, I would say that the graph will probably looks like a big shiny rainbow.

With me (still) trying to be a supermom, a superstudent and a super everything, these all have taken its toll; time flies faster than a bullet train nowdays. Sometimes I will got so hype up and trying to catch the sky with everything in hand but will be stranded soon after take off; taking me down into a mudhole full of hopelessness.

Maybe this is what they say about the mid-life crisis.

*tiba2 terasa dah tak muda.

In a mean time, although the works have been pilling up; I am in the mood of the kickback lifestyle. In denial of the fact that all these will haunted me down later. Too tired to be optimistic anymore. I am trying to go-with-the-flow mode, it seems to be working just fine now.

Only a few jolt of reality will keep me coming back for a little awareness.

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Sue Rosly said...

Sabar yeh. Jangan cepat mengalah. Masalah memang sentiasa akan datang. Hanya beza masalah kita dgn org lain, hanya, bagaimana kita persis dan tangani masalah tu.
Su pun banyak masalah dalam bulan feb11 dan dibawa ke bulan mar11 ni.
Mmg bosan bile org asyik bagi motivation talk to us. Seems like people don't really understand us.

Yang penting, jangan stop mengadu dgn ALLAH dan berterima kasih pada ALLAH dgn dugaan yg diberi. Koz dgn dugaan yg ALLAH beri, kita akan lebih mengenali ALLAH dan diri sendiri.

All d best Dear Fren. Don't stop be positive all the second.