Monday, April 25

1990's: Life without Facebook and Youtube


Life without FB or youtube is probably will be something like having coffee with no milk and sugar. Some doesnt care. some cant live without it. Some do not know the difference. have you ever wondered how our life could be without it? At first, I have refused to see myself as someone who will be relying on FB for my source of communication and entertainment but when I tripped over everything just to log in into FB to see the latest class photos, it snapped back at me.

Like, all this while when interactive networkings still not in the picture, we all can depend on oher sources of entertainment and communication and still the outcomes satisfied most of us. But now, everybody must be busy FB-ing, or twittering, youtubing or anything else to express the desire and more desire of using the internet, and let the internet control us.

Look at back to the years of 1990's..

1. TV will still be the big THING

Fb and youtube help us sharpened our sights by scrutinizing the dusk of our 20x11cm lappy or hp or bb. I'm sure with this emergence of technology, some of us might forgot how the remote function.

2. Long hours call

I still remember during the days when there are FB and youtube or anything info-crazy on the internet other done mIRC (talk in acronyms and declamation marks, i dont know how i can understand that), there will be a girlie talks over the phone like hourss and hours. This is long before anyone in my circle of friends could afford handphones; and not all of us have internet conection at home.

We would talk about .. i dont know, boy homework gossips artists stupid jokes anything else possible to be a piece of conversation. Now, my longest record of talking over the phone is 10 minutes. anything else could be FB/twit/BBM/YM later.

3. Recreational activities

My friends and I do have some outdoor activities we enjoy the most, window-shopping. Strolling down every stores possibles in any mega-mall and trying shoes, clothes, make ups, bags, and everything bring us solace. We do some sweat-prone activities like jogs (once when the moon turns purple) and now the FB syndrome have taken the people to seat thightly to ensure thier cow have eaten right in thier ville while listening to vclip at youtube.

I mean, there is nothing wrong of using FB.But there is no harm of having some outdoor excitement once in a while.


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