Sunday, October 9

Jowm Join Bloglist Eyryn Bercerita !

Hello. Its been awhile, I know. I'm swamped by notes-making activities everyday now, not that I am complaining but it does driving me mad some other days.

Ok, I have been tagged by a good friend of mine, Syuqri. So here goes.

she said that whoever join will get some prizes (the due date it 7th October, 2011)So I seriously dont think I am one of them. She got a lovely, purple blog though.. Good Luck babe!

So, here I am writing this down in between classes.. Its have been 4 weeks now, and so far I am still overwhelmed with structuring lectures and also other stuff in between. Since I am yet to enjoy the fruits of my labor, my mission to get those handbags and shoes are still on. I hope by the end of this year, I would have enjoyed more (fruits of my labor, that is.)

Ayra is getting bigger. She is now the proud owner of 8 tooths, shoulder length hair and also a flexible limbs. She now taken an interest to dance, she loves gummy bear song and mickey mouse hot dog song, she giggles when I tickle her feet.

I miss Ayra.

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