Thursday, February 14


Have you been swarmed by too many excuses?

I know we (Ina and I) does.

You see, we're operating a very decent academic library. Thus, the library have sets some procedures and regulations to a bid to. With the system we have now, the students can use the library system to browse, reserve, and renew thier books. But being students, we are failed to penetrate the 0% fine-free zone as the students disregard our procedures and often 'oh-saya-lupa/ingatkan-lambat-lagi excuses.

So.. now we are rising the bar.

So dont come and cry to me with lame excuses when you have to pay for the newly rate fines.

Noted: This is a PMS entry. Dont piss the librarian-with-severe-hormone-problems.

Power to the Librarian.. hehe, indeed.

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