Wednesday, February 13

Resolutionize Nafty..

Hello. I'm shifting my previous blog here as it locate it more suitable for my preference and readers (not that i have any readers-fan I've known of... :P)
As it is still in the beginning of the year; I would like to emphasize on my so-called resolutions. I dont really like it. You know, calling it 'revolution'. I'm thinking it as my wishlist rather than resolution (so that when one of them is not met, i can easily claim my desire has changed through time.)
So, wth? here's my previous wish listed in my previous blog
1. Get that dream car.
Well I guess its not going to happen. I'm going to opt for a less-monthly-payment brand new car I guess. So, one down.

2. Get that increment.
Alhamdulillah, after all the hardwork and chaotic start last year; I've been granted with some. Thank you for noticing my hardwork.

3. Maintain the happiness, blissful marriage life with my husband.
Ok. so far, married life isnt that hard. Take it like when you are in relationship, but less fight and more compromise. Truly my husband is my bestfriend and also my lover. Lucky me, i know.

4. Able to help my families monetarily..more
Gulp! this one I have to pass..

5. Able to be successful in providing the highest standard of knowledge for the library user as well as equipped myself with it.
Huh, seems too ambitious, isnt it? Haha.. drama.

6. Able to have enough saving to start dreaming for a new home ( maybe that will be included for 2009 resolution.)
Been looking around but so far there's no house that meet my expectation. (big, spacy, conservative and cheap!)
Well.. till then. I need to get my work done before they noticed me my 'hardwork' is just an act. Hehe

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