Tuesday, February 19

I am one boring person.

Nothing interesting happened to me for the last few days. Life had been monotomous, everything are the same way, the same thing, and the same place.

I'm bored.

There a few things that cross my mind while this boredom enlightens my hours. Im searching for some group activities for my friends and I can meet up and do something together.

1. Some places to eat.
Ok. everyone can be pleased by a feasty meal with a good companies. But we have been eating out too much already; and there are only a few hours to spend. We dont want the restaurant owner chase us down to close-up thier premises.

2. Karaoke
This is quite fun to do in a group, esspecially you have one or two Jester's the Clown in a clan, singer wannabe and william-hung-in-the-making kinda people.The problem is that only some of us can afford it; as the Party package can cost us around a few hundred bucks and karaoke inside the box (the one you pay for only one ringgit) is just not seems so right.

3. Recreation places
My husband had mention earlier that he wanted to have fun-in-the-sun in Sunway Lagoon. Heh? But really, if you're in a group of joyous people around, it will be one hell of a partayy.. But then again, not all of us ready to get wet walking around in our see through shirt jumping in the next ride.Hmm..

4. Golf or Shooting Range
Seriously, if you're not a known handicap player, or have a short-sight vision, this game IS for you. The last time I've been to range with my inlaws, we have the best time ever; laughing to each other in-capabilities. But this only happen in Salak Tinggi Golf Range, as it is still secluded andpractically empty and we dont bother to dress-to-impress. nice pair of sandals, t-shirt n shorts will do.

So, people... do you have any suggestions?

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Mlle Linie.. said...

try a new hobby. that helps to ease the boredom a bit - cooking, painting, craft or even going to the gym :)