Sunday, February 17

Renjis-Renjis through out the year

I’m starting my day today with a mixture of mood; due to lame weekend and workload waiting for me today. It was lovely. I spend more than 2 hours day-sleeping, sinking my big butt on the couch the rest of the day. No wonder our belly had condensed into one hard bulging thingy. Hehe.

My husband and I went out for drink with Awul and Ana last night, discussing their forever-headache plans for their wedding.

The school holiday is coming up, and that’s the sign for some of our friends to shake that kadi’s hand. My husband dearest cousin is supposed to get married on 8th (solemn). But who would have known that our election will be on that very same day? Pity him, having to cancelled bookings for the hall (because the election going to take place there) and to amend the invitation card (so the reception going to take place at Ana’s house.) Bro and Ana, keep it together,ok. Be patience. This is just a test of faith.

To all of you that swing the same way as Awul, good luck. It will be all worth it.

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