Sunday, February 24

My life as a Librarian..

The from behind library taken from Multimedia Area

This two ladies surfing friendster. They are now under tight supervision by us

The place a loathe and love..

I heart my work.


I know I'm not the person who'll always fill with new opporturnities. But, Alhamdulillah each times it comes, Allah granted my wish for it to be a whole lot better.

Maybe, I dont have fancy office or even cubicles as my own space, but I have the luxury of time and flexibility to go about when I like.

Maybe, I dont have big library to proud of; but I have matured students that treat my knowledge as a recognition.
Maybe, I dont have many friends here, but the one I have had are the ones that can be trusted and compromised.

Life is much more simple than you have ever imagine.

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