Monday, February 25

The sink of Sharlinie's news.

While every media busy with campaigns for the elections, we are all being diverted to the war of words, and maybe even forgot about the reality; the missing Sharlinie that no where to be found for more than 2 months.I just hope that the media can pro-long the news to expand the search for Sharlinie.

I wonder how the parents and family members coping with the situation now? How they struggle with thier already-broken heart whenever bodies were found? How they start and end thier days with the question 'why'? And most importantly there is no clue, no witness, nothing that can even produce a glimpse of news of the cute little girl.

Please, could somebody tell the family to produce a better picture of her? Her head tilt like that wont do any help because we cant indentify the girl better.

We hope we find her before its too late. And if she's already with God, I really hope the culprit behind this will get caught.

And I hope for them to be burn extra crispy in hell.

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Mlle Linie.. said...

Extra crispy? hehe i like the sounds of it! samala sume paedophiles, penculik & pembunuh kanak2 mmg patut dihukum begitu!