Wednesday, March 19

19-03-2008: When I turned 26...


Dont get me wrong. My birthday is on 21st. Since We are not working tommorow and Friday will be a hectic day for me, I'm posting this entry earlier.

So, let see. I'm going to turn to 26 years old lady/woman/whatever in 2 days time. That's old. It sounded better when you're 20, a sign of adultery freedom to many.. It even sounded even better when you're 23, thats mean you've survived the hustle of teenage disaster. It starts hit me when the number turn to 25; a sign of maturity.

Mature. That's big and heavy to carry.

I remembered on my 15th(or is it 13th, cant really remember) birthday, I have asked my ayah to buy me KRU cassette AWAS. Laugh all you want, at that time I seriously think they are the coolest hiphop band around.I was given a daily allowances for pocket money and it is impossible for me to come up with a few bucks for a cassette. So, as promised he bought me the cassette and place it on my bed side table on my birthday.

I cant stop smiling the whole day as I am the happiest girl alive that time.

Later when all this KRU fame faded and I have finished my highschool and started working as sales assistant at one of a local pharmacy in KJ, I make my own money and started spending on stuff I have been eye-ing for so long.After SPM result came out, I studied in Uitm for 5 years and at the end of 2005, I start my new real job. The pay is not that much; but still I can spend larvishly for brands I couldnt afford earlier.

Yet, it cant subside the satisfaction as when I receive my first KRU cassette.

It is true they say that gift of love worth more than buckets of gold. Am I the type of person who grows by age and fade its sensitivity and compassionate bit by bit, day after day?I truly believe I appreciate my things more back then; than nowadays. The way I look at things, they way I interpreted situations it is so naive and so..

Pure. Nothing ever come between my good thoughts to all sort of people.

Maybe by age; I become more aware, more restricted. I dont know.

Its been 26 years I breath the air Allah given to us; and by that many years I can say little that I know about the true life. And I do pray that I will be in my good health, and a properous future and granted my wishes for me as well as my families and friends.

Happy Birthday, may myself be a better person in all aspects of life for many years ahead.

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Adam-ArJuna said...

seronok gilerssssssssss weyh...

aku terbayang-bayang lg moment malam 22 march 2008 di naili's damansara uptown...

it was so wonderful...

p/s: thanks for the cap..i already use it..hehe..