Tuesday, March 18

Johor Visit

The appoint for MB positions in several hots state have finalize. For all, let us pray for the new appointees to make some changes and let them walk the walk they have been sprouting about all this while.

I'm back to JB, my husband's hometown last weekend. To celebrate the wedding of Awul and Ana, Rafi's cousin. This is my first time ever to minggle with all the extended relatives there.Of course I'm nervous and over-prepared to meet them and trying so hard to please or gratify thier expectation towards me, I dont know how can I be this insecure. Maybe because they are all from a very well -to- do background, and me? just a truly kampung-hearted girl that used to lived in wooden home complete with chickens running around and not knowing the latest toys ; because all I have that time are crafted by my ayah and fellow uncles.

How I wish to stay small; not knowing the burdens of responsibilities and expectations.

Possibly it went fine; the akwardness vanished within a few hours together and I relived with the fact that our white and black mixture does work.

Had a blast; they are fun people definitely; despite the obvious makcikness aura, that like to judge appearances (a polite way to say nosy, huhu. Rated minimal on my count.) Not a big family. At least not as big as mine. Thank God.

A successful wedding entirely.

Have you heard about the 100 years (or is it 1,000?) old egg? I tried it once when we went out for a drink at some Royal Square at the town. It is tasty. I'm not lying. It looks horrible, like one big mole; crystalized. I will definitely come back for more.

I'll be back with more constructive information, I promise.

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