Monday, March 31


It is so sad for me to read about such brainy beauty like her goes bad. I felt embarassed to have her picture here let alone her story (ies), so for those who want to read more;

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So, how's your weekend? I'm asking because mine isnt that great. I slept the whole Saturday and went to my in laws on Sunday.


Have you heard the old says ' Lagi besar periuk, lagi besar keraknya.'? Well, my pay is not that big, but I dare not to say that the old saying goes untrue. Most of it I can say that from my own view of the perspective 'earnings' itself is the change of lifestyle. People mostly yearn for bigger things and eats bigger portions when they had larger amount of income. This is because of thier needs and wants tend to grow side by side with their increments.

To feel free from monetary stress is being able to live life to the fullest = 1/3 of your salary. Can you make your life happier without any worries by spending every single things by just using one of third of your whole income?

Yup. Neither do I.