Tuesday, April 8


As I’m writing this, my laptop is on my lap. I’m only practicing the laptop on a lap to see if its suit the given name. Lame I know, I’m running out of things to do here. Spare me, I'm bored. Usually if I dont have anything work-related to do in the office, I will stalk blogs to kill my precious time.

Yup, I'm a blog stalker.

I have been a blog stalker for quite sometime now. Don’t get me wrong, is not as bad as it sound. Blog stalker can be anybody; most probably those who are bored; killing time by browsing through people’s wits, without acknowledge their presence.

A classified blog stalker can only be reading through blog entries by a particular persons or just browsing through generally; according to their (blog stalkers) interest. There is a lot of blogs with different genres. There are a few of blog (other than stated here in my list, of course) types that keep on glowing my days in the office.

1. Juicy Gossips Blog
These kinds of blogs provide in depth information about the current activities around the town; bet it always the people in entertainment business? Wrong. Political people, athletics, royalties and even that big GM of yours in XXX Company or even your boyfriend can be the hottest news on a blogger’s plate. Plus, it’s better than buying those non-sense mag that only give us the last month news, right?

2. Political Blog
Everywhere we see now, everybody in the cabinet wants to electrify their manifestoes. The increasing number of people choose reading electronically have been driving them to take a major turn over to promote and publicize. They also can write freely without having to abide into rules of politics like in the newspaper(by the way, own by the government entirely); only jotted the things people want to hear.

3. Personal Blog

Most probably the entries will be their daily journals; what they do daily, occasions with friends, their elaborate stories on how things are seen by their personal opinions and etc. Maybe their creative embellishment of the word that got you hooked up: or maybe they are interesting people that we can really befriend in real life. Or maybe we just like to stick our nose into people’s business. So, we just ‘enjoy’ their ‘company’ by keep posted into their daily life.

I shall be discrete about my presence in blogs with unknown strangers. Not only it is increasing my curiosities; it is also open up my mind for different things to other people. I wonder is there any stalker out there; reading mine?

It is not a dazzling idea to put a laptop on your lap while typing your entries. Its produce heats enough to fry your upper thigh.

Ok, that’s just oh-so drama.


mesin.masa said...

aku punya blog plak jenis yg camno??

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...


ko punya takde kategori kot..semua ade..