Monday, April 14

KL Freeze - Aftermath

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(To Zain, pinjam gambar ye.)
You see the pic, it looks like someone snapped the pictures randomly right? Wrong. actually the people that are actually moving are the one you see with a flash-blur-like esspecially the red one. I think he or she makes a fast steps. The tying-the-shoes-dude, the couple, and the two muscular handsome (ke?)man who appear to check smses are participating in the KL Freeze.

There are a lot of people turn out that day; either joining or observing. According to Saddam HusZain, it went very well indeed. He stated that;

"It all went splendidly well. To the 20++ individuals who volunteered, took instructions from me, Saddam HusZain, I take my hat and curly hair off to you."

No Zain, we are the one who have to take our hats off for you. It takes a lot of preparation time and nerves to do this. At least now we all have something else to do better than loitering around with no purpose.

Because WE made it. All thanks to YOU. (and gang)

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