Friday, April 18

Stress Buster?

They say that whenever any stress occurs to a person; we will be having physical change in eating habits; which in my case the food consumed are larger and more frequent than ordinary. Also, our pattern of sleeping; which by stress;the brain require more oxygen as our hormones extract it during the pressure of veins (where stress occurred).

So, I am in need of longer resting hours and I ate a lot nowadays..(Well, I eat a lot like every other day..Hehe)

I think I am under stress.

A lot of things going on here that get me hay wired. Many said that I’m lacking my rest and worrying too much about work. Or maybe I'm just stressed becaused I was thinking of being stressed too much; because if I am not; I will be stressout of not stress out.

Cuckoo. I know.

I have search the net for a stress buster remedy; that requires no $ and effortless. Yet, it will hit not other than vacations, spa, reflexology, meditation and…sleeping pills.

Here is some way to fight stress from health.com

1. Liven Up Your Office
Put some colorful creativity to decorate your office workplace to ease the dull-plain-boring partition board. Not too bright colors; as bright stimulates more nerves to get tense fast.

2. Your Vacation Permission Slip
Staying away for a while might be the best solutions for hard-thinkers. It ease the brain out and also your energy of qi can be relaxed by being away of hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Beat Workplace Politics
Definitely everybody worst nightmare is having a hell-on-earth boss or annoying-you-feel-like-murdering-them colleagues. It gets worsen if any of them interfere with your daily works and bother your reputation. All you need to do is laid back and let them do the drama. Save your anger and energy elsewhere. Avoid being seen by them. You will have your chance. Beleive me. (It works for me, though...)

4. Clear Those Blues
Why do you work at the first place? Of course we need the money. Do we live to work, or work to live? There is more life behind the cubicles’ wall. Enjoy your days with loved ones.

I personally like the idea of having a few days off.. I might do that.

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