Monday, April 21

Spoil Rotten

I have taken a are-you-a-spolied-brat survey and I end up scoring 19%.

You are definitely not spoiled. You've worked hard for what you have.Down to earth and grounded, you don't need a lot to make you happy.

Hmm.. am I? I dont think I cheat during the survey. i think it might be true. So, take note that I am very independent person (excluding driving; which by the way I'm learning to do that now).

So, how you can say a person is a spoiled brat? Eventually a spoiled brat is a person that is too lazy to go through his/her own life and depends on other people to arrange it for them.

A spoiled brat (alternatively spelled spoilt brat in British English) is a child whose parents or other educators systematically fail to teach (according to wikipedia.com)

A spoiled brat is not a sign of failure of parents; where mostly people pointing thier fingers to the grown ups around the child. It is a failure of the child him/herself.They cannot project series of his/her own actions in reaction to a situation.

Most of the spoilt brats are either;

1. The youngest in the family
2. The only daughter/son in the family
3. The one and only in the family
4. The clever/ prettier ones in the family

This spoilt-brat-attitude will faded during thier teenagers with the right approach from people around them. BUT there a always an inner-rotten-child beneath these persons as they are comfortable being pampered and getting the attention they wanted.

They (the spoilts) have a very low tolerancy with other people; be it opinion or judgement wise. They always have a back up team whom they will loved and hang out with because they always say 'Yes' to him/her.

I hated spoilt brat.

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