Thursday, April 24



I've settled my two-weeks advanced task in order to have a more peaceful mind while im off from work for a week; starting from next Monday. I'm supposed to feel lighter and ready for another hectic semester after this.

I have listed all the chores and activities that I could do during my free weekdays;

1. Spa visit

Since its Mother's Day, I'm going to bring my mama for a dip in a milk bath and scrub followed by monthly facial and maybe some massage. Its cheaper using Mother's Day package, but still if its not on promotion I bring my mama definitely.Its been awhile since I'm having a self-indulgense session and this time it will be more special to spend it with mama.

2. Shopping!
Groceries. Innerwears. Some furnitures. Shoes. I have been eye-ing for some quite sometimes now and have been saving for it for months. I hope I have the energy to complete my spree activities.I would love to buy something for my ayah also. (His birthday is on 17th May)

3. Tuck and Clean
I have been neglecting myself for quite sometimes (blame it to the work-stress and unhealthy diet); so i hope I can burn some fats out of me by doing some serious spring cleaning. Besides, i need more room to fit for my new merchandises after my retail's activities.My cat jr. need some serious grooming; he already looked like an old mop now.

4. Visit
Since my late grandmother passed away, I never go to Muar after that. I think this might be the right time. Plus, the holiday- resort-like crib owned by my uncle is truly inviting, and I am longing for a holiday away from home.

(see, I'm not that hard to please.)

I would also to have a new haircut, go watch movies or play at some theme park. But I am no wonder woman and my days are only a few to fit in all of the above.

Heh, tinggi cita-cita.

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