Tuesday, April 29


April 29, 2008
My first day at home. I have just finished car washing and waiting for my mood to do the laundry. Weekend was ok. Sister and brother in law came back to BBST, I am happy to see a sparkling smile from my husband’s as he was missing them. We spent our time together to celebrate the newlywed; Awul and Ana with barbequed sea foods and mom in laws signature beef curry.
Yesterday (Monday) went to the Le Meridien for a meeting with Access Dunia. The buffet lunch was superb although I don’t have the appetite to them all; due to me upset stomach.

I am in the verge of having a read-fit.

I am looking forward to cuddle myself with warmth of good books, as many people do during their free time. I wonder how many people enjoy reading as much as I do.
My parents always got on my nerves if they see me reading concentrate heavily during my teenage years; I will bother nothing else as if I am in my own world. Reading sort of my way of escapism method as it drove me away into a story land heaven, be it fictions or facts.I am sure most people experienced the same thing.

See you. Need to solve the world’s problems


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