Sunday, May 4

Rest time is over

30th April 2008

My brother's birthday. Bot him a Hang Ten T-Shirt that is sooo hip; my husband got himself one. Wondering around the Cineleisure before our move Frbidden Kingdom start.

Quick Snack, and off to the Curve for a massage session with Ogawa. Remember that I wanted to go for a spa treatment? well, this is so much better. and its free.. (yeah, you guys call me cheapskate if you want to.)

But still, my appointment at the spa centre is still on.. and Im bringing mama this week.

1st May 2008

Happy labour day. I found myself in Muar with extended family of mine sharing some quality time over a barbeque dinner at Pak Mud's. Had our fun, like any other time.

2nd May 2008
Rush back to PJ after some issues that need to be solve.

The awaited salary had just got in our account. Actively spree over some shopping of necessities and wonder how come our humble life need high maintenance charges?

That's all I've done during my spare time. Trust me there are a little bit and pieces here and there that I dont jot down to spare the boredom to myself.

I may need more than one motivational line to start back to work.

Work is good.. Work is fun. Work gonna make me get what I want.

bye for now.

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