Monday, May 26

Life is Drama

There will always be a time for us to spot one or two (or more) scenarios of life drama.

A few weeks ago, a friend spotted a couple; with motorcycle having a fight in front of her car. Being nonlochant, she just sit there and pretend to be busy with her handphone. A loud bang freaks her out; the girl taking out her helmet and throw at her bf; whose continue to ride that motorcycle like nothing ever happen.

Last week; after finished her prayer, Ina saw someone that is blonde having a fight with her bf. The scene heated up as the bf sort of slap and grab her roughly; which I supposed the blonde screams for. It was rush hour time; and everyone stunned at thier places as she screamed so loud.

Why do people like to dramatize? Because its spice up our dull and boring life; that's why.

Clearly, I'm blocked.





Adam-ArJuna said...

luckily i dont have anyone to fight with..

Wan said...

u dont want no drama

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

no no drama~