Monday, June 2

Work + Stress = Money (Eternal Happiness)?

Adjusting to adulthood is nothing more challenging than making your life comfortable with your choices.

Early teens, we have been bombarded with a picture of the future undergo; good educations can make good living. Our parents are so sure with that facts as when they are younger, having a good results from a good universities or colleges can definitely move them far enough to lead a very comfortable life.

However; how can we understand the whole concept when opportunities become narrower by having so many people; intelligent and fresh people in the industries that are already cramped up with professionals? What are the choices we have when everywhere we go about there will always a competition heated by industries that only limited seats offered for us all?

I pity for those that need to compete with a younger generations; where 7A's and 8A's in SPM is actually nothing to be proud of when you are not successful enough to make it into local universities. That's not it; the real problem is when this generations graduated even with highest CGPA they need to struggle through swamp of successful,ambitious fresh people to just lend a job.

Frankly, our generations now cannot afford a career; yet. Having a job is good enough seeing there are so many jobless people still looking for something to do and to get paid. With this, the employer of any industries are taking a great advantage by offering under wage salary as they are so many of unemployed willing to take it.

These situations lead to many consequences; there will be no loyalty and passion in work, no strong will of building an intimate relations within the company wall and worst politics will be the top list in any organizations.

With these, we ponder and wonder why..

Solutions for these; in my personal view.. Just lead life as best as you can, seek chances in between; and never get involved with any speculations. Unless you are doing your own business, there is nothing we can do other than work and get paid. Motivation? just think about the money, and at least you get paid through it all.

p/s: do not quote me on these as it linked to some true personal life experience; where judgments will be varies according to situations.

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