Friday, July 11

Counting days..

I have been crossing the date of each day on my calendar for the past few months; somehow I got a sense of relief seeing there is a few days left to be cross of the month. I also read a lot of fiction stuffs, probably sick by the facts of our nation’s political turmoil and also stories of conspiracies, gossips (I do think Danish and partner shouls consider as there will be a little ones coming in their way, hold up the responsibilities la weyyy..), People claimed they are receiving death threats.

Can for one beautiful day we all can seat together under a shiny weather, holding up a cotton candy and laugh to each other jokes and enjoys the music of chirpy birds?

Yeah, neither can I.

There will be a carnival sale next month. I probably won’t even clinch as there are only enough papers in my purse for everyday living. Why, do I have to be the one who have to let this all pass by in front of me and do nothing? Why, do I have to feel nothing else but envy when everyone else getting what they wanted?


I felt this self-conflicted syndrome to my late PMS symptom. I am constantly angry with myself everyday more and more each day.

Well, there will be wedding everywhere starting from next month onwards. I’ll have to save up to buy gifts or ‘salam cangkuk’ to the lucky jitters.


Anyway, my heads can be held up high now as there some incidents that make my hard work ‘ball till ya fall’ being recognized. Alhamdulillah.

Have a nice weekends and drive carefully. Avoid big hedious trailers.

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