Monday, July 7


Sometimes whenever I'm free (pardon that I've often had a free time for myself nowdays), I will get into my own world of envy-ing over shoes; latest in the market.And when I'm mentioned shoes, it is the finest shoes. Its either it is too fine until the prices are to the roof or those are not for sale in Malaysia.Currently, I'm looking for a blue pumps or stilettos. Hah, have you ever seen me with a stilettos before? Hehe.Those in the pictures are the ones I want; or at least similar. I've noticed myself transfering into I-dont-give-damn to let-me-have-that-little-flowery-affect kind of person now. Really, I mean do titles gave in to that effect or finnally I've came into my senses that 'm for once a woman?
I've heard and seen a lot of bloggers and friends buying online for materials and merchandises. BUT (it is a Biggest but of all) not only that I dont know how; I also dont have any monetary supplies for it.Urgh... I know that now that the government (which is my husband) asking me to save up to go through this difficult times; but it is difficult for me for not thinking of those glittering peep holes shoes that are screaming; no begging me to be thier master.
Could someone (millionaire maybe) buy me those shoes as a present?I need to unleash my inner confidence to go through my days.

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