Tuesday, July 29

Wedding Gifts

I have begun to receive all the colorful, perfumed cards for weddings in August. Excited; I began to calculate what gifts for who, the cost of journey (some of the weddings held outside of Klang Valley) places to stay, where to hang-out after the ceremony and knocking my HR door to apply more leaves.

Suddenly, I’m not excited anymore.

Can we Malaysian do a system where you can cater foods for wedding as well as for tolls and fuel or maybe accommodation? Wedding can be expensive not only for the bride and groom but also for people who have been invited like me. Or maybe someone can start having their ceremony in cyberspace; like ebuddy conference things and be fed by digitalized foods like in facebook?

Haha. I know it’s silly. As far as I obey with the current changes of our diversifying ethics and cultures; for sure we do not want to lose human contacts when it comes to celebrations like this.

So, what makes very good gifts for wedding? Malay usually say it’s the money (well, on the other hand, all races say money would be better especially its concern a LOT of them). The BEST gift (and unique too) besides all those precious electronic kitchen appliances and frames and books of action ( hansap lu yani!) is clothing cloths from Kelantan.

We’ve receive a pair for us to made for our first Raya together.

There is a few list of things that I think we always/should/ proper enough as a wedding gifts;

Wedding photo albums
– this may not really a good idea unless the bride and groom doesn’t hire a
professional photographer that doest not include albums in his package. But hey,
it is like a MUST to have a photographer kan nowdays.

Glasses/dinner set/tea set/ecetra
- Although many people say this kind of gifts only end up in the cabinet/under the bed/in
the closet/stores but hey, it does save you up for not having to buy the basics once you
moved into your own home.

Bed sheets
- It’s the next best gifts to carry as it is big and people already know what’s in the
wrapper. But, fitted sheets may not fit into all sizes as people assuming queen size
but its actually the king or super queen size for the bed of the new lovebirds.

Electronic/Kitchen appliances
- This is also fun to carry and it does make changes to the newly wed.

Big Frames with Holy words
- Okay. it never wrong to give out holy words.

Books or Night gown
- a sexy books and satin g-string only proper for hen’s nite. But if you throw in the ‘minyak
lintah kuat XXX’ may be you can call it a proper wedding gifts.Hehe

So, tell me.. do you have anymore ideas?

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