Wednesday, July 16

Beauty Tag

I’m not tagged but I am bored and like to kill my time so be it.

My Foundation:
I’m using Bodyshop sheer tint enhancer and 2-way foundation. Easy.

My Mascara:
Estee Lauder’s (it comes with the hantaran) and I don’t use it quite often.

My Day Cream:
Dermalogica oil control lotion. But still my forehead can be seen shining from far.

My Essential Beauty Product:

For hair
- Head and Shoulder’s. Good for covered-all-day hair like mine.
-Hair Cream – I cant remember the name; but it also act as a hair mask. Bought it in Guardians’s Pharmacy.

For Face
-Facial Clay Cleanser
-Facial Scrub
-Face lotion

For body
-Body lotion ~ used like 2-3 months once, according to mood and time.

My Favorite Makeup Product:
-Eyeliner- makes my sepet eyes look bigger

My Perfume:
-Gucci Envy ~ darling husband gave it to me
-Stella McCartney

My Nails:
-nothing interesting here.
My Feet:
-nothing interesting here too.
My Hands:
-hand lotion whenever I’m in the office.

Three Beauty Products to bring on a deserted island:
-Sanitary wipes
-Nail clipper
-hmm.. cant think of any. Why do we need beauty products when we are actually have to be worried of being deserted? Isk..

Women I admire for their beauty:
-International: Ms. Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie
-Local: Deanna Yusof (???) and err.. sape semua pun cantik

Women with the Best Sense of Style:
-Waheeda (relax version of her..)

My Ultimate Dream:
- In beauty sense, to preserve my beauty features as long as I could. Haha

How Do I Define Womanhood:
-Hmm.. let see, when they reach puberty?

My Favorite Fashion Publication:
-Women’s weekly and Cleo.

Thank you. Have a nice dinner.

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