Friday, August 22

I'm Back.

Yeah. Many of you heard that I've been hospitalized for appendices. Thank you so much for all the calls, smses, and adam as well as kematz

I thank luck and my husband's company for this. The bills roof up to 5 figures and hey, now I know why insurance is so important.

The SJMC is quite comfortable amazingly, seeing that there is a major construction just next to thier bulding.

Now that my diet had turn into a liquid staple, I need some suggestions on a recipes.

Until I am fit enough to continue crapping, good bye.

*P/S: Selamat Pengantin Baru to Raja Shahril (23/08/2008) and Azlina Ibrahim (24/08/2008) and happy enggagement to Wan Norazura (23/08/2008). May Allah bless you, your ceremony and your family.

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