Monday, August 25

Hospitalized = Expensive Holiday ( exclude beaches, fancy dinner and shopping)

Up until today, I am still resting for recovery. I am getting bored of having to bed-rest for the entire time; I do walk around a little bit but my weak veins disapproved my metabolism to do much so. I have a lot of time to catching up with the Astro Movies and other channels until I think the TV actually got bored of me.

1. 1. Being hospitalized is suitable for people with attention seeker disorder. You will have a person or two; in your nerves and asses for the whole time you are there as a patient. Constant curiosity and caring remarks will be thrown once every two minutes.

2. If you are not a paying customer; that is either you’re insured or your company is said be
guaranteed to cover your expenses; you will have a ball of freaking, long-going-to-bitch-fit
time in the hospital admission. I do think that this only applied to the specialist private
medical centre because the central and government hospital offers good services even though
their hospital smells and the customer doesn’t have any money.

3. I don’t actually have a lot of time selecting which of the hospitals I wanted to go,it i not like me choosing merchandises or holiday package beside my stomach pain takes away my rationality and perhaps I just don’t want to make that decision at all. I dislike hospital even when they offer the highest standard of surgery procedures, it still going to hurts at the end of it.
4. Now I know that it is very important to have insurance especially if you are bound to have a genetic’s diseases or illness. Medical expenses is high, and you cant see it coming until you need it.

I have a lot of friendly RN and intern who are checking my BP and temperatures every twohours and those 2 doctors and 6 of their runners are wicked, I must say. I never found the hilarious side of being in the operation theater (unless you are counting Scrub and House.) The good thing of having a Laparoscopic procedure (the one that they poked a hole or two and handle it with a camera, instead of having to cut your stomach horizontally by a few inches)is that your wound will heal better and faster and you can do normal activities like walking, sitting down and lying to the side. Only that I am sure it do apply to most that takes up operation procedures, the anesthetic made my veins weak around the chest and arm areas.

Well, I am longing for a few days off to getaway from work a little while; looks like my wish came true with a little twist.

Have a good day and bring me some yogurt if you care to swing by. Hehe.



mesin.masa said...

alhamdulillah...segalanya berjalan lancar...

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...


thank you for your concern.