Monday, September 1

Ramadhan is here.. already?

The downside of having so much of the time off, is that you lost track of time. Its Ramadhan, and as far as my wondering mind is concern, we are yet to have our dates replace from the last year's.

This year, my Ramadhan will be more meaningful as it is my first time celebrating it with my husband and performing duties as a wife. I hope it will be a memorable for both of us.

Often when Ramadhan comes, the main attraction will be foremost the long, colorful 'Pasar Ramadhan' around our neighbourhood. Last year, I have successfully not to fed my temptation on foods (Unfortunately, cant do for the drinks.. kathira and soya beans will be the top of my list everytime) and this year I hope I can beat the rising tempation even more.After all, Ramadhan is all about test of faith and patience.

For this, I bid a very special Ramadhan to all of you; hoping for it to be a whole new better chapter in our life this year.

Peace Out!

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