Thursday, September 11

Time flies by .. so fast.

Today my overflown; undone tasks seems like colorless wind with no smell to me. Students and staffs coming in and out like a busy KTM station. Yet, I am doing my work like a tortoise with a diarrhea.

Haha. I know. Its irrelevant (and not to mention disgusting.)

I have no time to read the newspaper; although I did catch up with an article elaborating 911 events that happened 7 years ago. Like.. its been THAT long already? Looking back I think I just had my scroll for my degree.

dah tua ke?hmm.. *maybe in denial lagi*

So far, my Ramadhan is quite ok. Nothing too squimish to talk about rather than the usual routine of having to break fast at our surau and performing Terawikh. (I havent been to one, yet this year). I am looking forward for some breaking fast events arrange earlier with friends, company and darling husband.

As for Raya (yes, i think it is not too early to talk about Raya), I am not going to spend as much. Well, at least that is what I have promised myself this year. Enough with what I have for now. I am hoping to get a big, fat bonus or duit raya this year. Didnt get a chance last year.

Let just embrace the remaining Ramadhan with solace.

Happy weekend.

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