Monday, September 22

Raya without the usuals.

In my years of living, the only times to be excited to the roof is when there is Raya. All those pretty new clothes, firecrackers, chain-visit from relatives, duit raya and of course my late grandma. It all kind of faded through the years accept for my grandma. Raya is always fun with her around.

Last year is the first Raya without her; and without her other reasons seems to be no point at all. Still, we embraced Raya with happiness and prosperous food and merry gathering relatives, just the way of Raya she loved. There is no tears; as her love and her touch live in each of the family members. My late grandma dont like to mourn over death; and thats why we are a bunch of tough family.

This year is the first year I will celebrate with my husband and new extended family. My husband's gandmother is still here; maybe that will bring a spark back to my Raya definition.

It will be different, of course but I will give it a try. Just dont expect me to jump around merrying and jollying the Raya this year. Or.. maybe you will seeing me doing just that. Hehe.

Company have give us all the whole week. A little bit too much I say. But hey, who can resist holidays eyh?

To all,

Happy Eid-Mubarak and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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