Friday, February 27

Randomly selected in each folders.

Today's work that have been accumulate since the last two weeks are finally over. I can felt my heart sigh for a while there. Hehe.

While I am tidying up my folders in pc, I have diverted my purpose and finding myself browsing old pictures, one by one.

Believe me, each of it have a story to tell.

So now I am going to let my pictures to tell the stories for change..

This is the pictures of some of us at the Bora Asmara, celebrating a farewell for Mama Arliza who is going to live in JB as she landed a government job. you can see that Suhaila is still in her pregnancy; now Syameel is already 2 months old. Wan N and Azwan also still a couple and now they are happily married.

This is me in front of a Hall in seksyen 11, Shah Alam for Along's wedding. The smiley-handsome-purple man back there is the groom's daddy. He is my mother's cousin.

This is me and Rafi; a few months before our wedding. It is taken at Bagan Lalang and I remember how Ayu-Mel's lip got so plump after eating the delicious crabs. Itch!!.. pity you babe..

This is taken after a berbuka puasa thingy at SinggahSana Hotel, taken on a Ramadhan before my wedding. And the gentleman here is Mr. Syukri.. I miss you Syuk.
I can still remember the chaos and fun we had that night! This is a Red Box Red Hen Night I think, some sort of bachelor party for the last single lady here to sang out loud and out tune before getting hitched. Saw a queer in a toilet flashing his (or her.. whatever) red thong.. yaiks.

Terengganu trip was a fascinating trip we had during this year CNY. As soon as we arrived, we stopped at the Noor Arfa Batik biggg, white and flashy boutique cum factory; and it is said that is among the main attractions in KT. The price is quite expensive here, but you cant deny the quality.

Happiest day of my life. I love the picture here; however as it priceless to have someone in the picture with you who are no longer able to have a conversation or two about the picture; together. Al-Fatihah.. And not forget my dedicated best man and best girl (?) of the wedding; they have dedicated thier time and compassion through so much steps and actions to make it works. Thank You for making my dreams come true..

Oh My.. Nostalgic. I miss everyone in this picture.

I am not going to post every pictures here, but going to do again sometime soon. Maybe more oldies to keep the loving burning..

Have a wonderful weekend.


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sentap muka aku tak banyak....

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aku rindu yang kat singgahsana tu... tp apasal muka aku chubby n tak seksi cam skg? hu hu hu...