Monday, March 2

Those were the days.

I have read Chics and Dyana blog where they put up their childhood pictures and it does taken me back into my teenage years where the sun always shone and the homework never stop.

At first, i cant find the pictures because its been ages (been putting it away since 1999. Ten years now.. WOW..) but then there are a few that willingly lays into my sight.

Muahahahaha. This was taken back 1996 or 1997, during our Kadet Remaja Sekolah (KRS) annual activities to tighten the bond with all KRS members. I have learned A LOT. For those who joined the KRS, it is a MUST to achieved targeted skills for the members to rank themselves from Lans Koperal up to Sarjan. In KRS, I learned self-defence, disciplines, Fear factor challenges and all. Heh. But the interest only lasted until I was form 4.

1998. Form 4KB. I am not in the Science Stream like most of you thought I am; I have taken accountancy and commerce as well as art as my electives during my SPM. This was taken errmm.. well it was taken randomly as we all love the flash so much so it doesnt matter for which occassions. Most of them in the pictures are my friends; up until now. Ten years, babes.. still I dont feel any older. Or at least, more mature.

Oh my. when was this? 1996? We all definitely looking very differently from this picture.

It was McD, Jaya section 14.Now, the old andblue Jaya building are no longer operates; and the Metrojaya have turn into a Digital Mall. It was my 16th birthday party of some sort; which was after the sports day in our school. My ayah have booked the playground area for her not-so-toddler daughter have a fun times during her birthday,( thank you Ayah!!). Maybe for you guys out there; it is nothing but for me.. its everything. Sweet and one of a kind, dont you think? Oh, and I got a Ronald of McD doll courtesy of McD.

Sunway Lagoon. I know that I lied to my mom, saying that my school have like a special holiday that day and we are all happily monkey-ing in Sunway lagoon all day, without having to face the usual weekender crowds. Sorry mama. hehe.

I will upload more. hey, this is fun.