Monday, February 9

Where is the moral and awareness of our fellow educationors?

I am multi-tasking aka trying to do the *8-hand-Buddha thing and still wants to blog a little.

(subject here is a bit hormonial-caused; so excuse me for being overly-sensitive)


I have been observant towards people’s working patterns; for the past few years just to follow through any indifference they made each steps at a time.


While I am in education industry; and for my department concerns we end with evaluation of quality in services rather than increase the equity (in other words; RM) of the organizations.

Therefore; it is clear to see why we are being push aside in many events as we are not the core of the business; and sad to say that many of the money-making people treat us with on-going liability.

It is sad to know some people treat potential information and knowledge as a burden, not as an assets.


I will leave it to that for now. It is funny; because these people got education from the finest places but when they are running one (at least, in education line..) themselves, they disregard the obvious.

*pinjam ayat Chics.

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