Wednesday, February 4

Show me the Love. Right here. Right Now.

When I first heard this song in Snoop Dogg Fatherhood reality tv series; I am hooked ever since. Old school; and simple tune with lovely, melting words.

Dont you think?

Call me corny (or horny; it doesn't really matter for me..) but love songs are my favorite type of songs. The unexplained feelings while being in love; the jittery feelings of butterfly in stomach are the same dreaded-to-far-away-dreams effect from hearing such songs; especially if we can relate to lyrics.

Since it is the February; and all can relate to the L.O.V.E in the air this time around since it will be the months of Valentine's Day where love and passion are showed physically most in a day than every other time of the year.

Often people mistaken by showering loves by certain allocated occasions; birthdays or anniversaries or job promotions.

Of course; people will be flatters and appreciates the thoughtful gestures; but for me love is something that can be shown everyday. Many of you read the same "everyday is a valentine's day"

Well its true but minus the exaggerations.

You dont have to shower me with flowers and chocolates;
to show me you care and always there..

You dont have to give me gifts and appraisal;
to ensure I am happy always..

I need no jewelleries..
I need no fine dining..

Love is not how much more you can give me;
Love is not how expensive my diamond ring can be..

Love is when you show me respect and passion;
Guidance and toleration..

And when you stand tall in the tallest sky but still looking down where it always been;
I know then your love are worth and pure.

Till then.

p/s: will update theKT picture here.

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