Monday, March 16

Birthday tag from Mummy Zura

I have been tag by Mommy Zura. (macam tau2 je birthday aku lagi 2-3 hari kan..).. So I'm going to give some hints on what I want for my birthday.

The rules:

1) Make a list of what u want on your birthday

i. To have so much money; so I can payback my study loan in full.

ii.A new purse; a new handbag, a new cat; a new shoes; a new everything money can, and cannot buy.

iii.To have a beautiful babies soon. (Pray for me babes!)

iv.To have a full-body treatment at some lavishly looking spa.

v.To have my old toned body back (God help me!!)

So, another 5 of my wishes (that is not my main priority right now but it is my wish list so i can do whatever I want, no?) will be;

a. A holiday with friends/families/hubby overseas. Maybe Gold coast.

b. A new watch.

c. A big bungalow house with contemporary-Japanese style architecture.

d A new set of makeup.

So I want to tag;

1. Adam Arjuna
2. Kematz Hassanz
3. Reez Berry
4. Chics
5. Lara Hati
6. Noktah Hitam

Okay. Need to switch off the dream light off for now.


Jasfyra said...

wah..dah plan nk baby ye?insyaAllah ada rezeki tuh..amin..

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...