Monday, March 16

Drama : Malay vs. Hollywood

Have you all ever get tired of the story line offers by any sop- operas in TV? I am not trying to judge nor take sides of which is better but just for the fun of it, to compare the entertainment hunger from different countries' viewers.

1. Drama Swasta (or any other local breed productions) always portray that the story flow always consist of someone extremely rich, extremely poor, extremely good or extremely everything.

But there is drama of overseas (Tamil, British, Us) shows the real deal of life; where jobs like teachers or gardeners can submit to actual; normal people income and how they lead thier life without the itsy bitsy celebration that only can be afforded by higher rank of society.

I personally think by focusing on the characters matter of living in drama will give certain affect to the impression of viewers towards certain level of task that may have been someone's real job.

2. Extreme vehicles and wardrobe. Seriously, the way that the dramas feed us that people always want to wear neat and tidy BUT expensive.

Overseas productions often offer the simple and casual approach which is not our culture to wear shoes in the house or wearing funky jeans while cooking massively in the kitchen.

I bet there is no real funky jeans-wearer-cum-chef in anyone house from any part of this world.

3.I personally love stories from books than television drama; a lot of it comes from the choice of words used in conversations.

Something sweet and memorable line can be quite a dorky and awkward to be voice out verbally. Call me old-fashioned, but I reserved the best written words are best in writing than saying it.

4.Hollywood drama have enough funds to have a reliable and realistic sets; and they can close a highway if they need it. Sadly, here our local productions doesnt have that much funds as enough to say matching with the independent's overseas.

However, the outdoor shoots consists of our local kampung environment or our local beaches and stores are still the best.

Even with total diversity; I still love both of it. Heh.

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