Tuesday, March 31

The pot is calling the kettle black.

I just finished reading the ultimate-leleh book ever.

I know everyone else have read it and it is sooo last year but excuse me as I have tons of work to do and being someone who is evolve around books, my heart eager and begs me for months to have some spiritually entertainment.

And it is not a disappointment, either. I cried and cried reading such a beautiful and funny love story in this book.Definitely will read it again, sometimes. It is true what April said in Definitely,Maybe.

"It tells different things each time."


I know that as at this time, many of us convey with the facts that the company with work with somehow are effected with our economic downturn. I have known some people who are either being retrench or retrenching themselves.

It leads to work-stress and possibility of becoming OB are high.

Obviously, this entry leads to no reason. Simply typed to suit my needs to vant up the heat.



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