Friday, April 3

Emotional over a hot Coffee?

There are times where we wake up early in the morning and hate the thoughts of having to go to work.

Mine was lately.

It is not that work is being hated at; but the surroundings. I hate myself by blaming others for my negative feelings.

Although at some occasion it is me that all that I have to blame.

I would like to blame for now to my drained motivation and passion. I used to love and give it all; but all that seems does not rectify and held me up. Where goes all the sparks and thunder? All that enthusiastic dreams and hopes?

Maybe I have just got too tired. It reminds me of a story of clear water and fire.I got it from Ustaz Amin, who is a very intellectual motivational speaker.

So, the clear water and fire if combined; it will produce a hot water. If we put in a potato; it shall be baked and the hot water will still be hot. If we put in ice; it will also still be clear water and can be heated. But if we put some coffee in it; the water will turn black and it shall be served as a nice drinks.

So, metaphorically where we want to put ourselves? A hot boiled potato and ice cubes who are not changing anything or a coffee that serves people to quench their thirst?

It came down to patience; integrity and charisma. You can go bluntly beyond miles but still haven't achieve what you want and be a complete example of inmoral acts and carry the guilts for all of our miserable lives. Or we could produce proper planning and show good qualities of human could be, and Allah's willing, nothing can stop us.

On the other hand; in between the chaos and madness of handling things beyond the scopes; I have got priceless experiences and connections and important contacts for me to move on.

Well, maybe it just me in my pre-holiday mood talking.


Something have certainly cheer me up;

Thank You Mommy ZURA!!.. Its quite cute.

Till then, sayonara..


NoktahHitam said...

I prefer being hot! ;)

Metaphorically speaking, Ustaz Amin shouldn't use fire. He should say HABA or HEAT, not fire. (There are cold fire you know)

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...


well.. yeah but it seems the message came through;

thats what is important.

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