Monday, April 20


I have started this week with full of (fake) enthusiasm for work that need to be complete and daily operational matters that need to be attend. Somehow, even though capabilities and where I should stand my ground with are always in my prayers; things have been swift to the wrong current.

Ah, well. It just me being melodramatic like always, really.

I developed a defense wall in my mind to stop imagining and assume nonsense things by deliberately channel it to different events and occasions I have made up to satisfy my fantasy.

1. Cooks a meal or two.
Nothing is more rewarding than having your taste bud a well reserved pampering. Although there is a lot of fancy new restaurants/kopitiam/gerai to be hogged about but there is something special when it comes to home cooked meals.

2. A trip of holla to the mannequin
Right. I have been too much concentrating to my work and I neglect the latest information about fashion and trends. Keeping up with it by strolling around the mall should keep the stress off from the system.

3. Read a good book
Like, a really out-of-this-world stories that happen in our everyday lives. Or maybe something that you able to relate with your current situation, and how to handle it.

4. Exercise
Obviously not my type of stress-relief therapy. But still, you will end up feeling fresh and vibrant and as your blood flows being cleared stirring up you will also look more radiant.

I have the sudden urge of having a stroll in a mall right now.


KeMatZ said...

hello.... mana penulisan kau dalah bahasa ibunda kita....
hemmmm kata ingin berkarya... dalam bahasa melayu...

hehehehe apakah ko buat translation.... boleh... heheheh

mazlan said...

blog aku, suka aku la..

KeMatZ said...

kekwat nyer ko....


Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...


*gelak guling tenggiling?

pinjam ye ayat kau. jgn sue aku..