Sunday, May 31

24th May 2009: Bandung

Day 3

8.30 am: We are ready and prepared to check out. Our hired supir, Pak Bambang already arrived and after everyone ready we take the 2 hours journey to Bandung.

To those who have been taken the trip from Jakarta to bandung can remember all the sawah bukit and small houses along the highway.

I bet people who take the train won by having to witnessed the most beautiful scenery.

12.30pm: Arrived in Bandung and have our lunch at one of the Sunda Resto.

Us at Sunda Resto (Forgot the name of this place but nice!!)

When we are done with our lunch; we go straight to window shopping at Rumah Mode

Inside Rumah Mode

We stayed at the New Sany Rosa hotel on the first day and Royal dago Hotel on the last day.

New Sany Rosa

Royal Dago

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alvelynalko said...

hi hi,

ill be going to new bandung in july and was wondering how did you like your stay at new sany rosa hotel? :) did your call in to book a room beforehand?

will really appreciate your help! thank youuuu :)