Sunday, May 31

Shopping and Sightseeing at Bandung

There are many factory Outlet (FO) in Bandung and below is the one that we managed to went to;

Rumah Mode; we all went to Rumah Mode twice and spend about 1 million Rupiah each.. haha.. pasti kembali.

The Secret; the second best shopping place for us. Although we do not spend as much but the price and the quality of things here are ok. Recommended.

The Summit; bought my Sister In Law's handbag here. The price ok only that we are tired from travelling all day and we cant focused as much.

Cascade; bought my Mother in Law's handbag here. The quality are much better than the rest; hence the pricey tag.

Us in a cab on the way to Bale baale spa.. Noted that spa treatment pictures are too explicit to be upload here.

fooling around with hats at Rumah Mode

Us all at Tanah Abang entrance (blok b ke ni?)

Pine tree along the way to Tangkuban Perahu

One of the stall at Tangkuban Perahu

Dida and Me with hubbies in front of tangkuban parahu volcano. Its not active by the way



~~SyuQ Always Smile~~ said...

gambar2 kau ayu... mengembalikan segala memori pahit maung aku selama seminggu di jakarta-bandung... :-(

mazlan said...


aku pun ade gak jerih perihnye.. tapi takpela.. ingat yang manis2 aje..