Thursday, May 7


Have you ever stuck in a situation where you would; at the very least of your weakest strength to remain your composure, mouthed the word "fcuk" because of certain incidents that you only have yourself to be blame?

I have mine (quite a number of it) lately.

#incident 1.
Gone to the counter only to know that there is something wrong with hubby's mycard and he have to go to JPN to have it clarified. Felt guilty; if only we have brought the BC together.

My number is up, and swiftly hand over the Mycard. Lucky me, Mycard behave normally and can be read instantly. However, I forgot to bring the old PP to replace the new one.


#incident 2.
There are some paperwork need to be submit to the ED, and it needed to be both in print and soft copy. So I emailed and double check the content and quickly submit the hard copy.

The hard copy is my latest resume to be submitted to other companies. I took the wrong file.


#incident 3.
My husband and I love to start our morning early; well actually he does, and being a good source of comfort I just follow his schedule although I am so drained and miss my pillow.

On one of the good, sunny Saturday morning, we would have our breakfast at the mamak's and enjoying each other company by gossiping over the newspaper articles.

We both forget our wallet and purse.


*** *** ***

p/s: better be prepared and please be extra careful.


KeMatZ said...

tanda tanda korang dah tua..
semua lupa...

human error...


cical said...

haha no 3 tuh.

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...


banyak perkara nak kene ingat.


ye. no.3 paling mencabar jiwa. haha.

Asu said...

Hehe..aku sokong kata muazam..It shows that we are getting older..thats y banyak benda yang terlupa..huhu..jgn mara beb