Sunday, May 3

Swamp by happiness for beyond reach project.

Monday, 4th May 2009

11.00 am

Current Mood: Happy and motivated


Before that, I would like to wish all the labor in the world a very Happy Labor Day. May you will continue working with passion and integrity.


I can say today is a fast-pacing day for me. As I was about to prepare for the visit; an ad hoc meeting came up and requires me to do some progress report cum proposal for the new Nursing School library setup. It does (and it will) sound a little bit overwhelming and that is just the thing I need to boost up my energy level and motivation.

My long last weekend was indeed great. We had a dinner together with some friends at Paddington something-something at The Curve that serves all sort of pancakes; right before our movie “X Men: The Wolverine” starts. It is totally new and exciting movie to be watch.

Later we had our midnight supper at Murni; Hubby wanted to try the nasi goring napoleon seafood that turned out to be quite a mouthful. And tasty too.

Highly recommended for those with extra tummy to be fill. (Mally, this means you.)

We are quite pissed off with the Immigration as the Labor Day holiday for them means for the whole weekend. Part of it is our fault for not doing it earlier and now we are quite concern for it as the date are coming soon.

Padankan muke.


We are now in “excited-gile-rasa-nak-kemas-beg” stage. We have come out with a list to do;

1. Passport – Must do it within this week.

2. Money Changer – have to check the Currency Exchange once again

3. ATM conversion for international use – in case of shopping emergencies

4. Packing – Lightly

All of the above can be done swiftly after the work here are done and nicely delegate at least until I come back from the holiday. That means I have only 14 days to go.

Wish me luck.


Adam Arjuna said...

...but currently i'm feeeling to have some taste of laksa-tepi-longkang-nasi-goreng-daging...

and u know dat my tummy can accept even anything...huhu...

erk..u havent got ur own passport yet...??

cical said...

oo pasport..amek je cuti 1 day siap.smbil2 tunggu leh gi cyber cafe.chat2.facebooking.hahah

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

Adam: let's go to the stall whenever you have your first pay check ok?

Cical: itula dia. bebual mmg macam tu.

Adam Arjuna said...

why waiting for my 1st pay check bro...??

makan sudah!!

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

Adam:jom la aku takde hal..

**or maybe tunggu good news ke.. kan? heheh

KeMatZ said...

sentap.. gi tak ajak..
pekena laksa tepi longkang nasi goreng daging....

wow... y look u like programmer tegar... even in blogging have coding...