Sunday, May 31

Holiday: Jakarta-Bandung (Part I)

Day 1

8.00 am: Arrived at LCCT. Thanks to FIL, we linger around until its time for boarding. We carry 2 bagpacks, and a suitcase containing another suitcase. Met the rest of the gang there at 9.00am

9.50 am: Fly...

Scenery above the sky;far below is Tanah Jawa. Breathtakingly beautiful!

11.50 am: Its 10.50 (Jakarta time) and the weather was good. The Soekarno-Hatta bandara reminds me of our ol' Subang Airport; and we have been taken backwards to the 90's.

1.00 pm: Arrived at the hotel, Ibis Tamarind. While waiting to our room to be fixed and primped; we have our lunch at the Garuda Resto, a Nasi Padang restaurant (a good place, good price; recommended)

2.30 pm: After freshened up; us girls went to Bale - Bale Spa; to pamper ourselves with deep massage and lulur or scrub and the famous v-spa. The price are more cheaper than Malaysia and we had a great time catching up while stretching our muscle to be squeeze and tendered.

5.00 pm: While we are busy pampering ourselves, the boys are busy cursing the longest 2 hours taxi ride. Welcome to Jakarta; the famous congested place and over crowded with vehicles that lead to macet (traffic jam). many of the local opt for ojek ( the motor rider) or bajai ( the tricycle) to go about in town as they are much more cheaper and most importantly faster.

6.00 pm: Since the boys were busy steaming thier hot rod in the taxi seats; we all went back to the hotel and enjoy the packed food brought by Dida.

10.00 pm: We decided to take an early night as tomorrow will be more packed with money-changing hands activities.

Day 2

9.00 am: had our breakfast at Pasar Kue.Tasty and yummy!! We had a big breakfast with variety of kue and a few of teh botol sosro; and it only cost us less than RM5.

The famous Keropok

Kue.. See the above one; the cili padi need to be stuck inside the kue before it can be consume

Happy, stuffed face.

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