Tuesday, May 19

I wont worry my life away, not today.


- Today is the day that I rather worry about what kind of spa treatment I'm going for during my vacation rather than to update about which supplier have been pending our orders.

- Today also happen to be the day that I finally done with all; the interviews, the payments, the pending stuff, all. *big smile here.*

- Today I spent hours of discussing a temporary hand- over task to my trustful colleague. Hopefully everything will be fine. If its not; well... I really don't care.

- Today also the day where I should worry more about my complexion and what shoes to bring rather than waiting anxiously for that particular 'thing with good news' to be arrive. Also have to stop calling the office for asking for when it to be arrive.

- Today, I noticed I received more smiles than yesterday.

- Today I believe that with a good heart and acts of pure kindness, are all we need to survived.


Hopefully that is me obviously being extra nice today; and it is weird as I just had my menses earlier today. Is it a sign of.. me lost it all?

*See you!! ...*perky face here.*

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