Tuesday, May 12

Switch On Holiday-Mode.*

From the past hundred of days, My friends and I were and still planning for our next big trip. We are no millionaire nor celebrities; so ample time was what we need to come up with enough money to fund this humble trip.

There are many ideas and places been voices out but after crucial and many, many meetings we ended up with a decision to take a trip to our neighborhood country, Jakarta and Bandung.

So far, the transport airfares and accommodation as well as our 'supir' have been arranged and paid.

There will be 8 of us, Mr. Jijan, Miss Nasreen, Mr. Azmi, Miss Siti Sara, Mr. Ezree, Miss Dida and Mr. and Mrs Ruffey. (hehe.. motiff??)

So, since it will be exactly 8 days from now; I think it is not to early to list all the necessities need to be packed.

I wonder wether we still have enough room with this kind of bag..hrmm

So, I am going to to travel with 2 backpack and a trolley bag (there is another bag inside it) and a pouch bag to keep our gadgets and gears as well as money and ID cards.

Pouch bag
1. Passport
2. Money
3. Id Cards
5. Camera
6. Handphones
7. Extra Battery
8. Loose change

1. Clothes
2. Pants
3. Handphone charger
4. underwares
5. Small towel
6. Pario
7. Scarf

Trolley bag
1. Another, smaller bag
2. A small carrier bag
3. Toiletteries
4. Sanitary Pad
5. A sling bag
6. Tiger balm

Tell me, am I missing anything? We are indeed trying to carry as light as we can from here because I have the feeling we might need more room to carry our shopping merchandises. Hehe...

By this, I am sure that my another 7 days will filled with vacation mood swing and Hopefully there are no more big work relative issues. I need to be stress free.

Jakarta, here we come!!


cical said...

nk pinjam plug socket 2 hole tu roger2..sbb kat sana power outlet dia camnie


Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

cical: yeke?

aiyoh.. pinjam la dude. nak buat charge handphone and camera..