Thursday, June 11

Hi, Miss me?

I haven't got the chance to update since the holiday end. There is some of newly arise issues need to be taken care of; and leaving this space collecting it dust.

Plus, I had a very severe diarrhea for several days and I think (i love to) I had lost some retented fluid in my body and I do look slimmer. But the healing process was very slow and the medicine doesnt kick off like they usually do.

Left me with tremendous pain in my **s.

Siket je tak banyak.

I have been thinking of writing bit and pieces about the travel; but I only can spare myself a few minutes here so that's that for now.

So just a quick note to update;

1. Good news is on the way.. Well, it is confirm but I don feel like telling just yet. Lets keep this mystery a little while longer..

2. No, its nothing to do about me being pregnant.

3. Struggling to find my momentum at work. Post-holiday swing are unbearable.

4. Although there was a few jolts happen a few weeks ago, I am going to blow pass it and ignore it to contain myself from any emotional strike.


Have a lovely weekend.